Our product is unique and so is our story. If you have any questions that are not answered in the FAQ section below, please contact us at hello@nudebeverages.com

What is Nude Beverages?

Nude is a small start-up beverage company based in BC, Canada. We have a line of Vodka Sodas, Gin Sodas, Tequila Sodas and Iced Teas. They are all sugar-free, sweetener-free and gluten-free. Each can contains only 100-calories and 0 carbs.

Why is it called Nude?

We decided on the name Nude because our beverages are stripped-down of all the sugar, sweeteners and other ingredients that you’d normally find in a ready-to-drink cooler.

How many calories per can?

There are 100 calories, 0 sugars and 0 carbs in every can. You can find all of our nutritional information directly on every can, along with a detailed ingredients list. If you have any further questions about what’s in your can please email us directly at hello@nudebeverages.com

What flavours do you make?

Vodka Soda: Strawberry Kiwi, Classic Lime, Peach, Cucumber Mint, Grapefruit, Raspberry Lemon, and Mango.

Gin Soda: Lemon and Lime

Iced Tea: Lemon and Peach

Tequila Soda: Lime, Pineapple

What Spirits do you use?

We use a Canadian made triple-distilled corn-based vodka and gin. Because they are corn based, they are all gluten-free.

Can you tell me more about the flavours you use?

We use all natural extracts and essences derived from natural sources. There are no artificial flavours in Nude. Our flavours are light and easy on the palate, similar to La Croix or Perrier.

Who came first, you or another vodka soda company?

Nude Beverages came out with Canada’s first sugar-free white-can vodka soda available in six-pack format. Shortly after, large corporations took notice and several other brands launched months to a year after.We also came out with Canada’s first unsweetened Gin Soda and Iced Tea in six-pack format, continuing to lead the industry in a health-focused direction.

Is Nude hiring?

Nude is always looking to hire talented people. Please inquire with a Cover Letter and Resume to join@nudebeverages.com