Our product is unique and so is our story. If you have any questions that are not answered in the FAQ section below, please contact us at hello@nudebeverages.com

What is Nude?

Nude is a small start-up alcoholic beverage company based out of BC, Canada. Nude was created with a mission to develop a healthier alternative that was both sugar and sweetener-free in the RTD/FMB space. Before Nude launched in 2017, there was nothing on liquor store shelves that reflected modern-day choices. Today, we have a line of Vodka Sodas, Gin Sodas, Tequila Sodas, Iced Teas and Hard Seltzers. Across the board, all of our products are made with a clean alcohol base, containing all-natural flavours and just 100 calories and 0 carbs per serving.

Why is it called Nude?

We decided on the name Nude because our beverages are stripped-down of all the sugar, sweeteners and other ingredients that you’d normally find in a beverage in our category.

How many calories per can?

There are 100 calories per 355mL/12oz serving.

What flavours do you make?

Vodka Soda: Strawberry Kiwi, Classic Lime, Peach, Cucumber Mint, Grapefruit, Raspberry Lemon, Mango, Cran Raspberry, Black Cherry, Watermelon and Mandarin

Gin Soda: Lemon, Lime and Mixed Berry

Iced Tea: Lemon, Peach and Raspberry

Tequila Soda: Lime, Pineapple and Grapefruit

Hard Seltzer: Raspberry Lemon, Classic Lime, Peach and Mango

Hard Iced Tea: Lemon, Peach and Raspberry

What kind of alcohol is used in your products?

VODKA SODA – we use a Canadian made triple-distilled corn-based vodka

GIN SODA – we use a Canadian made triple-distilled corn-based gin.

ICED TEA – we use a Canadian made triple-distilled corn-based vodka

TEQUILA SODA – we use an authentic Mexican tequila from our premium supplier, Azul (AASJ) NOM #1504

HARD SELTZER – we use a high-end alcohol that is heavily filtered resulting in a clean and sugar-free base

Can you tell me more about the flavours you use?

We use all-natural extracts and from all-natural flavour suppliers. All of our flavours are derived from their natural source (minus the sugar). Our flavours are light and predominantly smell based, similar to a La Croix or a Perrier Sparkling.

Do you use artificial flavours?

No, there are no artificial flavours in any Nude products.

Who came first, you or another vodka soda company?

In 2017, Nude launched Canada’s first sugar-free vodka soda in a white can: Strawberry Kiwi. Shortly after, large corporations took notice and several other brands launched months to a year after. Continuing to lead the industry in a health-focused direction, we also came out with Canada’s first unsweetened Gin Soda and Iced Tea in six-pack format and the world’s first sugar-free canned Tequila Soda.

Are there carbs in any of your products?

No, there are no carbs in any of our products.

Do your Iced Teas have caffeine?

No, they do not. Our Iced Teas are made with a premium decaffeinated black tea.

How does Nude support Animal Rescue Organizations?

Animal welfare is very close to our hearts. A portion of all of our profits are donated to animal rescue organizations in each area Nude is sold. To date, we have donated over $235,000 to animal welfare with a goal of donating 1M by 2023.

Are your products gluten-free?


All of our Canadian products are gluten-free. Please be aware, the facility we make our product in also produces beer (which contains grains, yeast, hops). It is, however, produced in completely different tanks than we use for our product. In addition, we also conduct gluten tests regularly to ensure there is no cross contamination. Please note: we are not certified by the Canadian Celiac Association.


The alcohol used in our US products may contain traces of gluten. While the likelihood of gluten being in our product is extremely low, we never want to put those at risk who are celiac and therefore we do not deem our US product line to be gluten-free.

Is Nude hiring?

Nude is always looking to hire talented people. Please inquire with a Cover Letter and Resume to join@nudebeverages.com.